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Program Area Guidelines

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Employer Responsibilities

  • Participate in mentor training session
  • Interview& hire YA student(s)
  • Provide on the job training to YA student(s)
  • Pay YA student(s) at least minimum wage
  • Participate in regular Progress Reviews with apprentice(s) at least 3 times per year
  • Ensure 450hours per year of worksite training/work hours
  • Comply with employment of minors (child labor) laws

Employer Timeline

We accepts applications from students and interest from employers throughout the calendar year.  Access to the largest pool of candidates will occur in Spring through the Fall.


Mentorship is a critical element of the Youth Apprenticeship program. the quality of mentoring is critical to apprentices’ learning and persistence in the program as well as future employment decisions.

Child Labor Laws

The laws regarding the employment of minors have developed over time to ensure the safety and ongoing learning of students outside of a traditional school building. 

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